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Beauty is so much more than skin deep. How you look reflects how you feel and ensuring optimal health is the only way to feel fantastic.  
Tim Melbourne is our resident Personal Trainer and his range of services offer an easy way to kick start you on your way to long term health… or if you’re already a health fanatic…  
we dare you to try a personal training session with him! 
Lifestyle Consultation & Diet intervention 
If you think that Tim’s approach to your long term health and fitness is going to be like everything else you’ve tried (and failed at) before… think again. Tim’s approach starts with your nutrition. How can you expect to get the best out of your body if you don’t put the best in? As part of Tim’s lifestyle consultation and diet intervention service he’ll analysis your current diet, he’ll help you to understand why everything else you’ve tried has never resulted in long term benefits and he’ll tell you what to be eating and why. This is back to basics. Forget low calorie, starving yourself, depriving yourself and low fat foods… during this consultation Tim will flip most of what you thought was right about weight loss on its head… 
be prepared for change! 
Not a Gym Goer? 
There are a million reasons why you may not want to start hitting the gym with a personal trainer but that doesn’t mean that you can’t radically change the way you exercise. Whether you’re looking for somewhere to start, wanting to find great workouts that are suited to your goals, want a holiday fitness plan or are simply bored of the same gym routine and need some workout inspiration… as part of this package Tim will consider your goals and devise three different workouts and show you how you can fit these into your weekly routine. 
The Full Package 
The easiest way to a big change is to tackle your diet and your exercise habits head on. With this option Tim will give you all the tools that you need to start moving forward on your road to long term health. This package combines both the diet intervention and personal training programming to give you all the tools you’ll ever need to transform your health. This isn’t about a fad diet or a quick fix solution, this is about giving you the knowledge and support that you need to change for the good. 
Personal Training 
Get an entirely bespoke and personally tailored work out experience with personal training regardless of your ability and previous experience. Achieve your goals faster, work out harder and feel better than you’ve ever felt before. Personal training can be added into your current exercise regime, it can form the foundations of your new lifestyle or it can simply be a one off session to boost a stagnant gym routine. 
£25.00 1 hour 
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